Clear Sky Dual Reflective

Made of the unique state-of-art dual reflective technology to provide the highest heat rejction and glare reduction without sacrifices. It was manufactured with
home designers and architects in mind to improve the comfort, protect the interior furnishings and increase the energy efficiency. The low interior reflectivity
and neutral color allows an unaltered outside view, a natural look, and great privacy to prevent people from looking in. It is a high performance film and perfect
solution for modern home owners, commercial builders and designers.

Anderson Clear Sky Dual Reflective Benefits:

  • Double metal (Aluminum & Sputtered) construction provides a non-fading long lasting quality and superior solar control
  • Excellent heat rejection and glare reduction lower the energy bills and to offer a comfortable home/office environment
  • Low interior reflectivity offers a clear natural non-refective view
  • High exterior reflectivity provides you great privacy
  • Superior solar performance including UV and heat rejection, glare reduction, outstanding optical clarity and more prevent your favorite furniture, paintings, photos, etc. from fading and the most importantly protect your health


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Maximum Heat Rejection 79%
Maximum Glare Reduction 90%
UV Rejection 99%