Sunset Solar Bronze

A warm earthy copper tone sets the style apart from the normal appearance of a home and a building. Sunset Solar Bronze offers great solar heat
gain performance to improve the energy efficiency and balance out the hot spots in sun drenched areas. It reduces heat and unwanted glares, rejects
harmful UV, as well as offers daytime privacy for home owners and office workers. An excellent balance between sophistication and performance.

* Films for external installations also available. Please check with Anderson Window Film for more information

Anderson Sunset Solar Bronze Benefits:

  • Sputtered construction offers a non-fading warm earthy tint option
  • Great solar control performance provides effective way to improve home/office energy efficiency
  • Blocks 99%+ harmful UV rays to protect your family and friends
  • Unique copper bronze tone and wide range of tint shade option comprehend interior designs to provide a warm cozy experience


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Maximum Heat Rejection 76%
UV Rejection 99%
Maximum Glare Reduction 78%