Clear UV Safety Film - Wide range of thickness available

Solar Control Safety Film - 4 Mil - Multiple Shades

Solar Control Safety Film - 8 Mil - Strong Protection with Multiple Shades

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Harmful unexpected events happen anytime and anywhere - accidental or not! Which is why effectively protecting your family, home, office, school is important. Anderson Safety Films are specially deigned to hold shattered glass in place to protect your family members, employees, pets, etc. from being injured by flying glasses. If does more than just protect you from broken glass shards, it also provides protection from cancer causing UV rays, theft and burglary, earthquakes and seismic activity, sever storm damage, bomb blasts and terrorists. By incorporating the solar control element into the safety film, it also offers the benefit of heat rejection and glare reductions. Anderson gives you peace of mind that you, your loved ones, your business, property and your assets are soundly protected.