Ultra View Nano Ceramic - Nano-technology Spectral Selective film

Clear Sky Dual Reflective - Dual Reflective Technology

Reflective Solar Silver - Metallized Reflective

Sunset Solar Bronze - Sputtered Bronze

Nano ceramic films are the state of the art of window film technology. Utilizing advanced materials, these films completely block out infra-red (IR) light, while allowing visible light through. This breakthrough creates films that are very light and not noticeable to the human eye, yet they still perform comparable to traditional hybrid and color-stable films.

Dual feflective films provide you exceptional solar control performance and exterior privacy from the outside while enhancing a clear natural non-reflective interior view

Metalized and Sputtered films have strong reflectivity and coloring characteristics derived from depositing metal onto the polyester film. The reflectivity gives these metallic films superior solar rejection performance.

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Anderson brings a full range of architectural and commercial films to your windows for your home and office. Our architectural films cover a broad range of latest technologies from dual reflective, sputtered, metalized, and nano-technology films. Produced to never fade in color backed by manufacturer warranty - lifetime for residential and 10 years for commercial applications.