Reflective Solar Silver

Highly reflective film that provides exceptional heat rejection, UV protection, as well as glare reduction performance. The mirrored appearance on both interior
and exterior along with the maximum cost-effective performance is a perfect solution for buildings that receive an excessive amount of solar exposure. This
product is a leading choice for commercial applications or home installations where cost is a key consideration.

* Films for external installations also available. Please check with Anderson Window Film for more information.

Anderson Reflective Solar Silver Benefits:

  • Metalized film to provide a non-fading film with high heat rejection and glare reduction
  • High reflectivity to provide great privacy and modern look
  • Blocks 99%+ harmful UV rays, 82% heat and 84% glare reduction to protect your health and valuable properties
  • High reflectivity from the outside to provide great privacy
  • Superior solar performance and economical price become a great option for both home and office


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Maximum Heat Rejection 82%
Maximum Glare Reduction 84%
UV Rejection 99%